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Shy Gal

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For when you're too shy for the world but have looks to stun, we have lashes for you! They are made with sterilized human hair and are round-shaped to bring the adorable look where it's most needed. Our Shy Gal lashes are the most light-weight and comfortable lashes in our collection. They're a perfect addition to make your eyes pop to your soft/natural make-up look!

  • Length (inner to outer): 9 - 15 - 9mm 
  • Band Length: 32mm
  • Band Material: Nylon


Easy Step by Step Application

1. Apply mascara and curl natural lashes with Forever Lash Curler.

2. Carefully pick lashes off tray with tweezer. ALWAYS pick from the lash band starting from one corner. Avoid picking from lash hair as it will damage and pull hair from the lash strip.  

3. Align lash to natural lash line and trim excess lash, if necessary, with mini scissors to fit eye shape. ALWAYS cut from the outer corner.

4. Apply a thin layer of lash adhesive to the lash band. Wait 30 seconds for glue to settle.

5. Using a tweezer, apply lash on top of your lash line starting from inner to outer corner. Gently use fingers to press natural lashes and lash strip together.

6. For more volume, curl lashes with curler after application.


In order to wear your lashes 12+ times, proper care is essential! 

1. When you're ready to remove your lashes, gently start from the inner corner of your eye and carefully pull the band. NEVER pull from the lash hairs as it will get damaged and tear from the strip. Slowly pull the band and work your way towards the remainder of the lash.

2. Soak a q-tip/cotton swab with oil-free makeup remover to gently dab along the lash band, softening the remaining glue. 

3. Wait for 60 seconds. Using a tweezer, gently pull excess glue off of the lash band.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until lash is clean from adhesive.

5. Soak another q-tip/cotton swab with rubbing alcohol. Gently dab along the lash band and lash hairs. This is a crucial step as this will sterilize your lashes! 

6. Finally, place your beautiful lashes back on the lash tray and store them safely! 


Product Description & Features

Each pair has been carefully handcrafted using 100% premium synthetic fibers and voluntary human hair to replicate the mink appearance; soft lashes that have a very hair-like feel, voluminous design to enhance the look as if you've applied mascara (but you haven't!), a fluffy feel has an irresistible feel, and light-weight material to prevent the feeling of your eyelids being weighed down - feels as if nothing's there!

Lash bands are made out of the highest 'black cotton and nylon' quality, which are used specifically to securely hold your lash hairs together and most importantly to keep you feeling comfortable all night and day while looking absolutely fabulous. Say a last and final goodbye to the frustrating days of having one eyelash fall off and forcing you to take the other one off.


That’s right. The days of single-use eyelashes are over. Every eyelash has been carefully designed so you can reuse the eyelashes over again on multiple occasions without the wear and tear effects. Take care of them and it will take care of you. Not only do we create cruelty-free products, but promise to uphold sustainable practices such as using recycled materials for our packaging and shipping supplies.


You should feel beautiful and confident, knowing no animals were hurt in making our products. Not only do we strive to produce sustainable products, but we promise to steer away from utilizing unethical practices such as the use of mink hairs when creating our designs. Our products are free of the animal cruelty present in the manufacturing of mink eyelashes. Instead, we source our voluntary human hair from Indonesia and premium synthetic material from South Korea. This makes our lashes 100% environmentally friendly to produce without sacrificing quality.


To help reduce our carbon footprint, we’ve gone above and beyond to make sure we strictly use recycled materials for our packaging and shipping supplies to fight back against plastic pollution. No matter the occasion, personality, or eye shape, we have a style just for you! You can choose from a wide range of designs that are natural, soft-glam, and dramatic.

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