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About Us

Here at Niko Lashes, our priority is to make you feel empowered and beautiful without worrying about damaging the environment. We create various designs that enhance the part of your body people notice, and are captivated by first, your eyes. We know false lashes have become a crucial step to an individual's makeup routine, so we have gone above and beyond to ensure we provide our customers with premium quality and conscious beauty products. We partner with vendors and suppliers who share similar ethical practices and commit to doing our part in saving our community by choosing from sustainable sources. Our products are free of the animal cruelty present in the manufacturing of mink eyelashes. Instead of mink, we utilize premium synthetic fibers and voluntary human hair. Our lashes are also handmade, comfortable, and reusable 12+ times to provide you with an unbeatable value. Regardless of eye shape, size, or occasion, there is a lash style just for you that will beautifully elevate your look.